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"¿Tiene corazón este camino?

It is held, el camino es bueno; sino, de nada sirve.

(Is there any heart on this journey?

(If it does, it's good; otherwise, it's useless)


"The teachings of don Juan", Carlos Castaneda


The path I have chosen leads me to nurture diversity, courage, humanity, and beauty.


I graduated as an expert in educational sciences and training processes in 2004, and moving further with my studies and personal experiences, I became passionate about cultural diversity, migrant stories, other worlds.

In 2008 I got a Ph.D. in Sociology of Migration and Cultures , studying the forms of political participation among migrant associations and groups. I've traveled a lot, I went back for some time to Venezuela, which is the country where I was born.


In 2011, on a beautiful fall afternoon in Amsterdam,  I met Max and Ellen Schupbach, my beloved teachers and mentors, and I fell in love with them and with Process Work. In 2012 I started my learning path with the Deep Democracy Institute in the Netherlands. I have joined an international community of facilitators which hs been an amazing source of nourishment for my personal and professional growth. 

In 2019 I completed my studies and got the international diploma in Process Work.

The teachings and the learning coming from my training with the Deep Democracy Institute are one of the most amazing gift that I could ever expect in my life!


I am passionate about the invisible: feelings, emotions, deep states and subtle experiences in an individual or in a group are the subjects with which I love to work to build awareness, create communities and promote more sustainable relationships.

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