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Welcome to my website!


My name is Beatrice Leone, I am a facilitator, trainer, and coach based in Southern Italy and a Process Work Diplomate.

Over the last ten years, I've worked with people, groups, associations, schools, local communities, and institutions, across Italy and beyond.

You'll find more details about my work browsing my website.

For now, it's important to say that "far cantare le cose" (let things sing) means, for me, helping people and voices that normally would have no way of confronting each other, to interact and relate, so that they can express themselves, vibrate, listen and understand each other better. Recognizing and giving space to the most invisible parts within us and in communities, including those that are normally distant and unfamiliar. Feel them more and make them alive so that they do not remain rigid and silent. This is the sense

 of facilitation for me.


Let things sing and enjoy my website!


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