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The term process refers to the flow of information and changes in perception and signals that occur within a group or individual, moment by moment. Process-oriented facilitation is a phenomenological approach that focuses on the perception and respect for the flow of events, starting from the belief that within each problematic situation, even the most difficult, lies the solution of the problem itself. It does not bring solutions from the outside but focuses on the awareness of individuals and groups of what is happening.


Process Work or Process Oriented Psychology is a multidimensional approach that was developed in the 1980s by Arnold Mindell , a Jungian physicist, and analyst.

It is a transdisciplinary perspective that combines quantum physics, Taoism, Jungian psychology and Shamanism.


Deep Democracy is the philosophical and political vision behind Process Work, which can be applied to small and large groups, communities and organizations.

It has been used to work on a large scale of conflicts, which include terrorism, climate change, problems related to cultural diversity, conflicts in companies, issues related to institutional leadership.


By this is meant the need for the normally understood democracy, the democracy of the majority, to be added to the awareness of all the voices, feelings and more subtle experiences that are present in a group in the interactions between people, moment by moment.


These dimensions include for example unintentional communication signals and the roles, voices which are not immediately visible in our prior communications. As well as the subtle and sentient experiences that can hardly be talked about. When all these aspects emerge, individuals or groups can acquire new awareness and find more creative solutions to their problems.


If you want to know more, I suggest you get started with:


Arnold and Amy Mindell

Deep Democracy Institue


Sitting in the fire

Conflict: Phases, Forums, and Solutions: For our Dreams and Body, Organizations, Governments, and Planet


And if you are even more curious and want to learn more, go to the contact page and write to me!

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